Sunday, January 31, 2016


Say the word "warrior" and often people will conjure images of vikings, roman soldiers, and the like. Often you will think of someone bloodied from battle, armored, and fierce looking. I'm sure no one would imagine a housewife, in comfy clothes, making dinner or mopping a floor.

Warrior means a person who has or does show courage, aggression, and vigor. Therefore, *I* am a warrior.

Divorce didn't shake me.
Cancer didn't shake me.
And miscarriage will not shake me.

Through every hard time I have never asked "why, me, God?" It wouldn't matter to me, why... Because I am unshakable. The women in my family are strong, valiant women. And we always take what ever life throws at us, we build a platform from it, and we stand upon it all. My daughters will become unshakable, too.

I have scars. Deep emotional wounds. Each one reminds me of how I overcame a trial, each one is a story of how I took something bad and made it work for my benefit, eventually. I'm not sure how I will use this hole in my heart, I have no idea at all. So I just remind myself... I am a warrior. And I am unshakable. And I wash another load of clothes...

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